Hi, I’m Lillian Chang.

I’m a born creative.  I’m a writer and photographer and artist.

Here is the space where I share my experience of the world, told through my camera and my stories.

I’m based in Southern California but I travel everywhere.

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HIDDEN TALENT: Piano playing
COLLECTS: Pop-up books
SECRET AMBITION: To be a beekeeper

Born and raised in California, I love the sea, the fresh produce, the natural landscapes, the relaxed vibes, everything about living here (minus the traffic).  But a part of my heart also belongs to Taiwan, where my parents immigrated from, where I took my first plane ride at three months, and where I return to (almost) every year.  And another part longs for Hawaii, where I first learned how to surf, and where I learned the true meaning of aloha.  And yet another part can’t wait to return to Italy, where beloved family lives, and where I first savored fresh olive oil straight from the tree to the table.

Travel has always been an integral part of my life.  It’s been instilled in me growing up, as part of my education, part of my evolution.  I am all the places I have ever been.

These days, I live by the beach in Southern California with my surfer husband and toddler son and our two sweet yet crazy dogs.  When we’re not lounging on the sofa, you could find us on our way out the door, off to try a newly opened restaurant or to hike to a stunning vista or to discover a place off the beaten path.  Or, you could just as easily find us relaxing with books in our backyard, the dogs happily wedged beside us and my son likely burying his hands in the dirt.

In my quieter moments, I spend my time writing and painting and photographing the world around me – everything that is beautiful and heartbreaking, extraordinary and ordinary, imperfect and amazing.  This is the space where I share my stories – my experiences, lessons, discoveries, and everything in between.